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Between commuting and delivering I’ve been working almost 13 hours a day! So naturally there is not much time for the blog. The more time passes the more it seems as though the blog is a passing chapter of my … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: “All Those Poor People”

Christians often talk about “all those poor people who need our help so badly.” I have a big problem with this. Should I say that again, A BIG PROBLEM. First, I know that statements and actions often proceed from a … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Ask For Divine Grace!

A quick word on St. Joseph’s Day! What struck me about Pope Francis’ installation homily was his reference to tenderness. He said we should not be afraid of tenderness, of goodness. This, along with his challenge that we should protect … Continue reading

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Dare To Live Without Answers!

Wow, I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog. Awesome. “Dare to never make pain invisible but dare to say injustice is intolerable. This takes courage. This takes Christ. Dare to give up clarity — because God gives a call. Dare to give up … Continue reading


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Giving Thanks Part #1

It seems to me that we constantly ask God for all sorts of things, that comes naturally to us. But giving thanks does not come so naturally to us. Out of 10 lepers who were healed by Christ, remember, ONLY … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: The Preferential Option For The Poor

The option for the poor is much more than a simple social teaching. It is not about standard of living, economic development, or soup kitchens as much as it is about the spirituality of what it means to be a Christian. Serving the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Catholic Alcoholic:
Dear God, Hi. Good morning. Just thinking about things, up before everyone else in the house. I love this time of the day,the early morning with my coffee and my runaway dog Gypsy. I’m a…

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Simple Liturgy Enriches Grand Liturgy & Vice Versa

I actually would like it if a future Pope wore the Tiara. I don’t think we have to limit ourselves. For example, if the Popes in certain instances went back to using the royal we in language and in writing … Continue reading

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Warped Reaction To Papal Election

I am shocked by the disrespectful reaction of so many traditionalists as they indulge a ridiculous and overwrought concern for Pope Francis’ liturgical abilities, especially before even taking the time to find out what he really thinks about Benedict’s liturgical … Continue reading

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Raise A Joyful Strain For Our Brother Francis!

The name of our Holy Father brings great joy to me! The only thing more surprising than the fact they elected him, a Cardinal not spoken of as Papabili even in Catholic media circles, was the choice of his name. … Continue reading

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