Warped Reaction To Papal Election

I am shocked by the disrespectful reaction of so many traditionalists as they indulge a ridiculous and overwrought concern for Pope Francis’ liturgical abilities, especially before even taking the time to find out what he really thinks about Benedict’s liturgical reforms. It turns out that he has been very supportive of Summorum Pontificum!

I suppose I can understand why some are concerned, but I cannot understand the overwrought and disrespectful reaction of so many. I think it is clear that this disrespectful reaction, this doubtful and warped view of a holy man, proceeds from the heart of those who “teach as doctrine human precepts” (Matt 15:9).

The liturgy is very important, and yes, bad things happened in the Council aftermath, but practices can change. There are even times when liturgical practices should change. The Extraordinary Form was not revealed by God like the Scripture or the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. And of course you know this! So why do you act like a heterodox Pope has just been elected on account that he might have a different liturgical vision than you do? Why do you indulge vain rumblings against this holy man while you are supposed to be giving thanks to God in joy?!

Should you not AT LEAST have stopped to thank God that he has given us such a holy and humble Pope, a man who walks so near to God, a very orthodox priest by all accounts, who has taken the opportunity of his election to dedicate his Pontificate to most humble and holy Francis!

I have been very impressed with the humble treatment of these issues by Father Zuhlsdorf on WDTPRS.COM. Obviously, many are concerned about the liturgy, and they wonder about the future, but the reactions of some have been blatantly disrespectful and misguided.

Dear Lord, you know that we fail you often, and we ask that you forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Bring us together and into full unity under the reign of holy and humble Pope Francis.


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