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Look Heavenward!

This was a comment I placed on a blog called Paying Attention To The Sky some years ago. I was reading through some old files and I came upon the below poem, which is written along the same lines as … Continue reading

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Of Your Heartbeats, Jesus, And Eternity

I was resting in the doctor’s office room at the urgent care I went to for a physical. The waxy protective paper covered the pillow as well as the bed I was laying on. Rest doesn’t exactly come easy in … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Religious People Are In Grave Danger

Are you a cradle Catholic, born into a Christian family? Has God warmed your heart with spiritual experiences on many occasions? Has he dealt generously with you in this way? If your answer is yes you are in very grave … Continue reading

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Christmas Winks And Assumption Smiles

A couple of days ago I was getting a strong spiritual message from the Blessed Mother, a message of comfort and assurance in the midst of uncertainty. I was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the windows as a … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Do We Treat The Suffering With Kindness?

Do we treat the suffering with kindness? Imagine Christ, bloody, beaten, with some of his flesh falling off of his holy body. When we see him what is our reaction? Do we embrace him or do we throw up first … Continue reading

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  While we still have the chance, repent! I love this song, so wonderful. It will be a beautiful day indeed for those who love God, turn back to him and to one another, for those who make things right. … Continue reading

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A Prayer For Papal Victory

Lets not forget that Francis is embattled, as any reform Pope is expected to be. As the Israelite people prayed for King David let us pray for Pope Francis. The LORD answer you in time of distress; the name of … Continue reading

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