Dare To Live Without Answers!

Wow, I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog. Awesome.

“Dare to never make pain invisible but dare to say injustice is intolerable. This takes courage. This takes Christ.

Dare to give up clarity — because God gives a call. Dare to give up life road maps — because God gives a relationship.

Dare to live without answers — because God gives His hand.

Dare to live by faith — not by feelings, formulas, facts or fences.

Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mother Teresa lived without answers. She was afflicted with the absence of emotional consolation in prayer for a very long time. And in that dark night she prayed that Jesus would not comfort her through an emotional awareness of his presence! She prayed this because she preferred to offer her dark night for others, for the salvation of souls. I have no doubt that she is currently living in heavenly glory and total happiness, her reward for a life of daring abandon to God.

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