Here is a beautiful reflection from a fellow Catholic WordPress blogger. If its too long you can skip to the bottom. There is a nice summary of what it means to return to God for her. Of course it is the same experience we all have. Our focus on God is always being obscured by unimportant things.

Dear God, I love you. I want to please only you, and once I have done so, help me to love my neighbor according to your will.


Catholic Alcoholic

Dear God,

Hi. Good morning. Just thinking about things, up before everyone else in the house. I love this time of the day,the early morning with my coffee and my runaway dog Gypsy.

I’m a little conflicted as you know, God, about this blogging thing. I told you in the beginning when you and I decided it was okay and time for me to go “public” with my alcoholism and this blog that it was a risk because of my scruples. After a couple of years of just writing for myself and you, I have since early January been writing for a third person now. I have the reader in mind. I edit what I write. I re-word things that might sound controversial or stupid.

I told you I was worried this would happen, that I would care too much how or even if I’m perceived by others. You know…

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  1. Number 9 says:

    LOL “if it is too long” ha ha ha… I know but you should have seen the first draft! 1800 words before I cut cut cut. thanks Mr annunciation for the reblog and the very sweet comment!

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