Spiritual Minute: Satan Thrives On Secrets

GlowingHands Satan thrives on secrets and secrets lead to lies, lies lead to distrust, distrust leads to broken relationships, broken relationships lead to fragmentation in the body of Christ, fragmentation in the Church leads to a decrease in the Church’s able unity to respond to the action of the Holy Spirit, a decrease in our ability to respond to the Holy Spirit leads to a loss of souls to Satan. Stop this ripple effect. Don’t be afraid to share your worst sins and your worst sufferings with your loved ones even if it means that they will know that you have sinned against them! If you can’t speak to your loved ones speak to a priest or a counselor. Satan loves to keep us fragmented, he thrives on darkness and secrets.

Do not be afraid to set out into deep water for it is there that Christ heals us!

“There is nothing…

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