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Beautiful! Why He Chose Francis

I have a reflection about the option for the poor coming soon! Check back! What an awesome Pope! Endearing and wise!  

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Spiritual Minute: Are We Persecutors?

Christ has clearly taught that if we are true to him that we will experience persecution from those who are not true to him, or at least not entirely true to him. All the saints experienced such persecutions even from … Continue reading

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My first reaction to the Pope’s renunciation was that of total shock. I was listening to Catholic Radio in my car on the Guadalupe Network (910AM) in Fort Worth, and a guest was on speaking about a University of Dallas Pilgrimage to … Continue reading

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Maybe The Next Pope Will….

I have found great solace in Catholic humor in the wake of the Pope’s surprising renunciation of his office. For another hilarious meme look here, and for a talking lizard. You will not regret it!  

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I’m A Daddy And I Know It

I felt camaraderie watching this, and I only have two babies! I laughed so hard I cried. Hats off to this guy.  

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Love Alone: Christian Spiritual Reflection #1

What is the most important thing for our spiritual health, our life? What will lead us most precipitously into the loving heart of Christ?  In the abstract the answer may be obvious to many, but the more important question has … Continue reading

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