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Grandfather Pope: Father Pope: Holy Mother Church

I was stunned by how old Benedict looked in the pictures compared to the spry and young looking Francis. Benedict’s presence was very humble, but you could not resist feeling as if he was the father figure while Francis was … Continue reading

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Don’t Fly For Me Argentina!

“Tell the people not to come. It’s so expensive. Use that money you would have spent on travel for the poor.” ~Pope Francis From Catholicmemes.com

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Spiritual Minute: The Preferential Option For The Poor

The option for the poor is much more than a simple social teaching. It is not about standard of living, economic development, or soup kitchens as much as it is about the spirituality of what it means to be a Christian. Serving the … Continue reading

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Beautiful! Why He Chose Francis

I have a reflection about the option for the poor coming soon! Check back! What an awesome Pope! Endearing and wise!  

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Some Hilarious Pope Humor For You!

I got these from this Facebook page! Hilarious! https://www.facebook.com/TheCatholicMemes

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Simple Liturgy Enriches Grand Liturgy & Vice Versa

I actually would like it if a future Pope wore the Tiara. I don’t think we have to limit ourselves. For example, if the Popes in certain instances went back to using the royal we in language and in writing … Continue reading

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The Triple Papal Tiara!

Liturgical thought for the day: if our next Pope chooses a Coronation instead of an Installation I will be equally overjoyed as I have been after seeing the exceedingly simple liturgical style of our new Pope Francis. Both of these … Continue reading

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