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Mary Is The Dawn…

“Jesus is the sun and Mary is the dawn announcing his rising.” The above is a beautiful recent tweet from Pope Francis. This tweet’s relevance to the subject of my blog struck me immediately as it concerns the act of … Continue reading

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Christmas Winks And Assumption Smiles

A couple of days ago I was getting a strong spiritual message from the Blessed Mother, a message of comfort and assurance in the midst of uncertainty. I was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the windows as a … Continue reading

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Cardinal Bergoglio On Mary & The Faithful

The below is from then Cardinal Bergoglio, and is related to my recent post Mary Is Most Fundamentally Our Sister. We follow here that rule of tradition by which, with different nuances, “what is said of Mary is said of … Continue reading

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Feast Of The Annunciation!

Dear Readers, Today, March 25th, is usually the Feast of the Annunciation, but this year it was moved to April 7th because today is Monday of Holy Week. I am still treating this as an important day for my blog … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Ask For Divine Grace!

A quick word on St. Joseph’s Day! What struck me about Pope Francis’ installation homily was his reference to tenderness. He said we should not be afraid of tenderness, of goodness. This, along with his challenge that we should protect … Continue reading

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The Life Cycle Mysteries!

I got this awesome post from the father-in-law of my brother. I do not often re-blog things, but what a beautiful thing! I am all for informal rosaries that celebrate some other aspect of the mysteries of life and of the Church … Continue reading

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My first reaction to the Pope’s renunciation was that of total shock. I was listening to Catholic Radio in my car on the Guadalupe Network (910AM) in Fort Worth, and a guest was on speaking about a University of Dallas Pilgrimage to … Continue reading

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Receive Total Power: Conquer Habitual Sin!

Below is a consecration prayer for decisively conquering habitual sin. I started this prayer many years ago, and it has been awesomely effective in my life in many ways. If you say this prayer in the state of grace every … Continue reading

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Explanation of the Immaculate Conception

The following is a letter I wrote in response to a question posed concerning the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. First, the conception of Jesus in the womb of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit is not referred to … Continue reading

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