Giving Thanks Part #1

It seems to me that we constantly ask God for all sorts of things, that comes naturally to us. But giving thanks does not come so naturally to us. Out of 10 lepers who were healed by Christ, remember, ONLY ONE RETURNED TO THANK HIM!

That is pathetic, but if you think about it, that is probably about right. We probably give thanks about ten percent of the time even when the gifts that God gives us are so wonderful and beyond words in their gratuitousness, holiness, and goodness. Think of the gift of a child, something that many many of us have. Do we see God’s face and image in our children? Do we give thanks for them? There is really no greater gift that we can receive. God’s miracles are already surrounding us if we have eyes to see his work instead of constantly begging him for what we want.

So here goes, in the tradition of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts

1. I am grateful for my wife, her humility, her beauty, her brilliance, and on and on.

2. I am grateful for my wonderful children. They bring joy to me everyday that I, in my misery, often fail to offer to God out of thanksgiving for his many gifts.

3. I am grateful that the Lord sustains my family both physically and spiritually.

4. I am grateful for this Chick-fil-a that we so often visit. It is a safe and comfortable environment that allows us to get out of the boredom of the house.

5. I am grateful that God has blessed me with an education, both intellectual and spiritual.

6. I am grateful that God is persistent in his jealousy for me, for his creating hand in my life as he continually calls me to a humble poverty that desires to give me more full access to his riches.

7. I am grateful for unemployment, not least because I would have never begun this blog if I had been employed for the last 6 months or so.

8. I am grateful for physical pain, trials that God has used to bring me closer to him.

9. I am grateful for God’s healing hand in my life. If I had not found this cutting edge doctor I would have had far more severe back pain throughout my life.

10. I am grateful that God has moved me to give thanks to him. He achieves in us both the desire and the actions of goodness within us!

This will be a regular thing, I think, on my blog. Praise God!


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