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The Most Beautiful Video Ever!

If you don’t know something is sinful when you do it then it is not a sin. Women who consent to an abortion without knowing what they are doing is wrong do not sin. But healing is still needed. Just … Continue reading

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St. Joseph, Free Us From All Evil!

Prayer of Pope Leo XIII to St. Joseph To you O Blessed Joseph we come in our trials, and having asked the help of your thrice-holy spouse, we confidently ask your patronage also. Through that sacred bond of charity which … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: “All Those Poor People”

Christians often talk about “all those poor people who need our help so badly.” I have a big problem with this. Should I say that again, A BIG PROBLEM. First, I know that statements and actions often proceed from a … Continue reading

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Love Alone: Christian Spiritual Reflection #2 (Ash Wednesday)

“We could ensure that these many pious offerings be more pleasing to God if we take time to originate them from the source, the wellspring of his love.” This post is a follow up on the very first post I … Continue reading

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Receive Total Power: Conquer Habitual Sin!

Below is a consecration prayer for decisively conquering habitual sin. I started this prayer many years ago, and it has been awesomely effective in my life in many ways. If you say this prayer in the state of grace every … Continue reading

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Love Alone: Christian Spiritual Reflection #1

What is the most important thing for our spiritual health, our life? What will lead us most precipitously into the loving heart of Christ?  In the abstract the answer may be obvious to many, but the more important question has … Continue reading

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