Attacks On Francis Begin In Earnest

Mark Shea has done a great job defending against early attacks on Pope Francis here.

It stands to reason that the radical seculars will be even more up in arms about Francis on account of the fact that he is so very close to the poor. The favorite false notion of the radicalized seculars is that they are the only ones that care for the poor and the marginalized. We have a Pope who washes the feet of aids patients and dines with prostitutes even as Christ did the same. Francis is manifesting the true spirit of the Church, and yes, I am realizing that this is going to make many secular liberals go absolutely insane.

It stands to reason that attacks on Francis will be even more intense and rabidly unjust than attacks on Benedict were. But I have every confidence that those with an open heart will realize that his humble witness gives voice to Christ and his Sacred most loving Heart.

Pray for Francis! Long live Pope Francis!


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