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Spiritual Minute: Poverty Explains So Much!

Ever since Francis was elected I’ve been on a poverty binge, mentioning poverty in a whole bunch of posts. It has given me a structure for some thoughts I’ve had on the spiritual life in general. I want to write … Continue reading

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Grandfather Pope: Father Pope: Holy Mother Church

I was stunned by how old Benedict looked in the pictures compared to the spry and young looking Francis. Benedict’s presence was very humble, but you could not resist feeling as if he was the father figure while Francis was … Continue reading

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Pope Francis And The Dictatorship Of Relativism

Today, March 22nd, Francis has made it exceedingly clear that he has no intention whatsoever of deviating from the fundamentals of Pope Benedict’s assessment of secular culture. “But there is another form of poverty! It is the spiritual poverty of … Continue reading

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Don’t Fly For Me Argentina!

“Tell the people not to come. It’s so expensive. Use that money you would have spent on travel for the poor.” ~Pope Francis From Catholicmemes.com

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Spiritual Minute: Ask For Divine Grace!

A quick word on St. Joseph’s Day! What struck me about Pope Francis’ installation homily was his reference to tenderness. He said we should not be afraid of tenderness, of goodness. This, along with his challenge that we should protect … Continue reading

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No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

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More Hilarious Pope Humor!

  This is too good! Pope Francis the jokester!

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