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A Word…

According to the mind and will of God there are a thousand reasons for every one thing that happens. We must abandon our lives to the Loving and Merciful Will of God. The below stained glass might help us understand … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Religious People Are In Grave Danger

Are you a cradle Catholic, born into a Christian family? Has God warmed your heart with spiritual experiences on many occasions? Has he dealt generously with you in this way? If your answer is yes you are in very grave … Continue reading

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Christmas Winks And Assumption Smiles

A couple of days ago I was getting a strong spiritual message from the Blessed Mother, a message of comfort and assurance in the midst of uncertainty. I was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the windows as a … Continue reading

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Spiritual Minute: Do We Treat The Suffering With Kindness?

Do we treat the suffering with kindness? Imagine Christ, bloody, beaten, with some of his flesh falling off of his holy body. When we see him what is our reaction? Do we embrace him or do we throw up first … Continue reading

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Every Moment is….

Each and every moment of our lives is pregnant with God’s loving will for us, if we have eyes to see his many assurances and a heart that allows the Holy Spirit to conceive the presence of Christ within us, … Continue reading

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Vigil of All Saints Shining vaults of faithful saints Brilliant bright reflected light Christ on high his servants dress In resplendent virtues blessed Night of time no longer blinds All those living in his light Ageless as their Brother, One … Continue reading

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St. Joseph, Protect Pope Francis

Prayer of Pope Leo XIII to St. Joseph To you O Blessed Joseph we come in our trials, and having asked the help of your thrice-holy spouse, we confidently ask your patronage also. Through that sacred bond of charity which … Continue reading

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  While we still have the chance, repent! I love this song, so wonderful. It will be a beautiful day indeed for those who love God, turn back to him and to one another, for those who make things right. … Continue reading

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Defend The Weakest Among Us!

The below is from my sister who has a special needs child. I’m so proud of her stand for life and that of all of those defending the unborn, life for even the weakest among us, or especially for the … Continue reading

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Plans For Your Welfare!

Early one afternoon my wife had looked through our store of keepsakes, the kind that we went through and really decided that we wanted to keep. Its contents make up a somewhat decent-sized old-fashioned-looking chest. She found a frame that … Continue reading

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