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O God Beyond All Praising

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Between commuting and delivering I’ve been working almost 13 hours a day! So naturally there is not much time for the blog. The more time passes the more it seems as though the blog is a passing chapter of my … Continue reading

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Look Heavenward!

This was a comment I placed on a blog called Paying Attention To The Sky some years ago. I was reading through some old files and I came upon the below poem, which is written along the same lines as … Continue reading

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Of Your Heartbeats, Jesus, And Eternity

I was resting in the doctor’s office room at the urgent care I went to for a physical. The waxy protective paper covered the pillow as well as the bed I was laying on. Rest doesn’t exactly come easy in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis And Obsession! Must Read!

We are much too accustomed to thinking in the way our sound bite culture teaches us. On the other hand, thinking like Christ is a radically difficult and subtle task. Christ is truth himself and what we must be focused … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Video Ever!

If you don’t know something is sinful when you do it then it is not a sin. Women who consent to an abortion without knowing what they are doing is wrong do not sin. But healing is still needed. Just … Continue reading

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Objections Welcome

If you happen to stop by here from time to time I would very much appreciate your objections. I thrive on objections, and if you have it in you to type them out I would be much obliged. I never … Continue reading

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Theological Humilities Corrections

I need to correct some errors I made in the Theological Humilities discussion. I confused the order of grace and the order of nature. Once I find some time I will do that and then resume the discussion that has … Continue reading

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God Provides Our Every Need

We were going out on a few family outings so I packed my special low carb bread, the kind I need to eat because a lot of carbs are just not good for me. Later on we found ourselves at … Continue reading

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Mary Is The Dawn…

“Jesus is the sun and Mary is the dawn announcing his rising.” The above is a beautiful recent tweet from Pope Francis. This tweet’s relevance to the subject of my blog struck me immediately as it concerns the act of … Continue reading

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