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Spiritual Minute: Satan Thrives On Secrets

Satan thrives on secrets and secrets lead to lies, lies lead to distrust, distrust leads to broken relationships, broken relationships lead to fragmentation in the body of Christ, fragmentation in the Church leads to a decrease in the Church’s able…

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Plans For Your Welfare!

Early one afternoon my wife had looked through our store of keepsakes, the kind that we went through and really decided that we wanted to keep. Its contents make up a somewhat decent-sized old-fashioned-looking chest. She found a frame that…

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And He Dwelt Among Us!

Today the Church celebrates the day that God became man in the womb of our Blessed Mother. Happy Annunciation Day! May God announce to you the good news of his coming, speaking to your deepest heart a language of eternal … Continue reading

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O God Beyond All Praising

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Between commuting and delivering I’ve been working almost 13 hours a day! So naturally there is not much time for the blog. The more time passes the more it seems as though the blog is a passing chapter of my … Continue reading

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Look Heavenward!

This was a comment I placed on a blog called Paying Attention To The Sky some years ago. I was reading through some old files and I came upon the below poem, which is written along the same lines as … Continue reading

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Of Your Heartbeats, Jesus, And Eternity

I was resting in the doctor’s office room at the urgent care I went to for a physical. The waxy protective paper covered the pillow as well as the bed I was laying on. Rest doesn’t exactly come easy in … Continue reading

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