Defend The Weakest Among Us!

The below is from my sister who has a special needs child. I’m so proud of her stand for life and that of all of those defending the unborn, life for even the weakest among us, or especially for the weakest among us.

A 3D Ultrasound

“Two days ago my (pro life without questions or excuses) husband emailed a local priest to say we could adopt a Downs Syndrome baby in danger of abortion.  We were surprised to find that he did not email back because we know he’s a great guy.  Fr. Vander Woude’s own brother was born with Down’s Syndrome and his father died rescuing him from a septic tank that he had fallen into to.  When Colin discovered the article below this morning, he realized why Father had not emailed back…he got over 900 emails in three hours from people who dropped everything to open their hearts to this baby (Down’s Syndrome babies like minorities are a targeted population).  I am a mother of a special needs child – and I know what it’s like to talk to a doctor who is telling you that your child will have NO kind of life worth living.  (Actually my daughter born with spina bifida does very well). When I reached out to another special need’s mother after a phone call with a neurologist discussing my daughter’s medical prognosis she said, “Welcome to being a special needs mother.  I am in a support group and every single one of the mothers who chose life for a special needs child heard something along the lines of what you heard.  Let me tell you the other side of the story….Stay strong!”  This post is a shout out to all those moms out there who are in a crisis over a medical problem that their child(ren) might have.  I am praying for you, knowing the stress you are under.  I am also praying for our country.  At the end of the day, when I see the response this tiny baby received and the support this couple is getting, I have to believe that God’s love will triumph over the fear and evil that causes abortion to exist in our country.  I am pro-life, and I am not ashamed!  Miracles happen every day for people in crisis pregnancies and for babies who deserve the right to life.”


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1 Response to Defend The Weakest Among Us!

  1. What an inspiring story. God can do such amazing things with the least among us…you just never know!

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