Spiritual Minute: A Petition In Christ Through Mary

That just as Mary was made into Jesus through the Incarnation, by the infusion of her body with his Divine and human life, we might be made one with him through the Eucharist even as she is one with, and intertwined with him who is hidden in her womb.

There is supposed to be a super moon today, which means the moon will be visibly closer to the earth than usual. May Mary Mother of Mercy also come near to us in some special way today, making herself more visible, if it pleases the Divine Will, in order that we might recognize Christ in her as she carries him within her holy body.

A full moon looks a lot like our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, hidden by the appearance (and never the reality) of bread even as Mary looks like a human woman. In reality she is a woman who has been made into Christ, and she is one with Christ as he is one with her. Dear Mother, make us into Christ even as you brought Christ to life within you.

This reminds me of this awesome Hopkins poem. http://www.mysticalrose.net/poetry/rosa-mystica-hopkins

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