A Word…

According to the mind and will of God there are a thousand reasons for every one thing that happens. We must abandon our lives to the Loving and Merciful Will of God.

The below stained glass might help us understand this. Focus on any one small piece of glass. That small piece, its color and placement, serve a purpose that effects all of the other many thousands of pieces. The interconnectedness of everything that happens is a reality that ought to give us great peace as we meditate on God’s power to save us and sanctify us. And all of the pieces together form a kind of spiral or ladder, a path upward. Most stained glass gives us a feeling of heaven shining down on us, illuminating images that speak to our hearts of spiritual things. This lovely artwork shines down on us but also draws our focus, even our very selves, up into the beauty, purpose, and intention of the spiritual, of God himself.


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