God Provides Our Every Need

We were going out on a few family outings so I packed my special low carb bread, the kind I need to eat because a lot of carbs are just not good for me. Later on we found ourselves at a kid’s birthday party with free pizza! That pizza called my name, beckoning me to abandon my better judgment! Even though I knew I wouldn’t feel good afterwards I still figured I would have to eat it because there really wasn’t anything else. But then I realized there was a burger place right across the street. I grabbed my trusty bread, went over there and replaced the bun for a healthy meal. As I was making my sandwich it seemed God said to me “see how I provide your every need.” It wasn’t only healthy but delicious and generously portioned.

God’s hand is constantly guiding us and providing for us. Dear Lord, give us eyes to see your many plans for our welfare, your constant attention to our every need, and as we see your hand in our lives help us to abandon our souls to your loving and merciful will.

Give us these moments Lord, even in very small things, these moments of assurance, and thus inspire in us a joy of thanksgiving that begins to express the profundity of your gifts.

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