Spiritual Minute: The Absence of God…

We too often cling to an idea at the expense of other truths.


We are too busy with “love” for love…

We tend to dogmatize certain notions while we neglect corresponding realities. But God is pure being. Everything good is related to everything else. We can’t rest on one notion or we lose the richness of the real world. Reality, truth, love are everything and everything are they. Everything that is that is, that is not evil.

We tend to fixate on this or that a thing and use it as a way to make ourselves feel secure…”all of that other stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much.”

And this is true of love, it is most important, but not “love.” “Love” is not nearly so important as is love.

But clinging to “love” isn’t about love. Its about feeling secure, like we have a handle on things, like we are “ok,” like we do “our best,” “our very best.” And when we do our best “love” won’t leave us, he won’t let us go, he won’t dare to abandon us. After all, we do our best through “love.”

You can’t get a handle on love, you can’t do your best, you can’t be ok. If you are in love, against your very best inclinations toward “love,” you throw yourself, selflessly, recklessly, passionately, into Him, into his love. It has nothing to do with doing your best.

And if you do this you will not feel ok, like you did your best, your very best, you will not feel like you are just staying afloat, or almost sinking if it weren’t for your very best efforts.

You will not feel like this at all, not if you have love. You will not need to cling to anything of self. You will abandon self, recklessly seeking the other, the lover, and in him you will find your true self, immersed and saturated in being.

It has nothing to do with doing our best.

It has everything to do with doing his best in us.

This is a fearful thing, something that torments us in the back of our mind, when we cling to “love,” when we won’t let go of self, when we want to do our best, and let it be just enough.

When we embrace this, this love, we will truly be. And only then will we experience the absence of God through love, not the “presence” of God through “love.”

And in that absence there is someone passing by…in a “tiny whispering sound” (1 Kings 19:12).


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