Spiritual Minute: Love Is Just And Justice Is Loving

FlamesWe Christians too often identify the justice of God with the justice of damnation. The reality is that the penalty of damnation originates in the soul of a person who decides to rebel against God. The cause of damnation is not God, but rather the sinner who embraces evil at the expense of God.

The Justice of God on the other hand is loving and his love is just. The Love of God makes us righteous, it challenges us in a way that is radically beyond our understanding or expectation. His love seeks to stretch us to make room for his presence, to purify us from within our deepest heart. Purgatory is a place of God’s love, and it hurts, it burns. We have reports from souls in purgatory as some have had the benefit of speaking with them. I have heard that they say we should attempt to suffer as much as we can here on earth because it is easier than to suffer there. On earth we have myriad comforts to ease our pain while purgatory is a state of intense suffering as God’s love scours our souls directly, scraping the concupiscence from within our inner hearts. To say this is done with something of a spiritual bristle brush would be insufficient! Certainly, the spiritual pain we will experience as God readies us for perfect union with him will be far worse than any physical pain we can experience here on earth.

In Purgatory we won’t be able to take a hot shower, buy some ice cream, or lean on a loved one’s shoulder! We won’t have the comfort of the blue sky or a beautiful sunset. We won’t witness the quiet hope of a spring morning or the majesty of a torrential downpour.

And lets not count our chickens before they hatch! Living Purgatory here on earth, and its a lot better than Purgatory will be, is the key to attempting to make our salvation more secure by cooperating with the grace of God. These things can’t come from us, not from works that originate in us as St. Paul has said. But with the grace of God we can and will submit ourselves, by works through his love within us, to the process of “being saved” (Ephesians 2: 8-9, 1 Cor 15:2, Acts 2:47).

So let us not delay! We must take action. By taking on a heavier load for Christ, by declaring war against all evil within us, we will secure our salvation and that of others!

Don’t be afraid! Pray for more suffering!

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