"I’ll do it Yourself"

I come back to this reflection from my wife from time to time, usually more by chance than anything. It always seems to catch me when I need it most. I take comfort in knowing that is not a coincidence.

Marian Martha

So! It has been an absolutely ridiculous amount of time since I posted my first post on this blog, but in the meantime I have thought up several posts, forgot them all (but one), jotted down a few more, lost my wordpress login, rediscovered it (thanks to the magic of auto-fill!), and here I am again. We’re currently in the midst — in a drawn-out, never-ending desert of midst — of some financial, vocational, and general all-encompassing struggles in our house, and I’m about to start the fall semester of grad school, but I am determined to see this thing through. On the plus side, our kids (when not melting down in a puddle of toddler-hood on the floor) are amazingly beautiful people. (But that’s another post.)

So…, as the Cat in the Hat said, so, so, so. I’ll show you another good trick that I know.

The idea for…

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